New strains of hospital bugs emerging
New strains of hospital bugs emerging

The HPA report which gives a snapshot of infection rates and antibiotic use last autumn found that while rates of MRSA and Clostridium difficile continue to fall other infections such as E coli and salmonella are taking their place

The total prevalence of healthcareassociated infections HCAIs decreased from 82 in 2006 to 64 in 2011 though this has been put down primarily to falls in MRSA and C difficile

However the survey of 103 trusts covering more than 52000 patients found that 3360 patients 64 had been diagnosed with a healthcareassociated infection with a third of the cases being caused by bacteria such as salmonella and E coli which are collectively known as coliforms

Report author Dr Susan Hopkins said When you get rid of one bacteria another one will sneak into its place We are seeing a slow but steady rise in E coli

It is clear that we need to find ways to control and prevent transmission of these bacteria and this is an important priority

While most HCAIs developed while the patient was in hospital up to 20 of them were present when the patients was admitted to hospital

HPA data has highlighted indications of rising rates of infection and over the last five years there has been a 35 increase in reports of E coli blood infections

During the same period MRSA and C difficile infections have gone down by more than 70

Date : 24 May, 2012
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