Australia Has Lowest Number of Dialysis Patients on Waiting List
Australia Has Lowest Number of Dialysis Patients on Waiting List

A recent report has revealed that Australia has realized the least number of dialysis patients on the waiting list for transplants

It has been uncovered by Professor Bruce Pussell from Sydneys Prince of Wales Hospital that they have seen reduced number of patients on the transplant waiting list may it be any age group He has concluded the same after a study with his colleagues which is published in the Internal Medicine Journal of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians

The analysis was aimed at urging for a change in how patients are judged for the kidney transplant waiting list It was found by the team that while the number of patients had notably decreased over past five years The percentage varied in different states and territories of the country

It is being said by Mr Pussell that amongst 10000 Australians that were found to be on dialysis in December 2009 merely 11 has been left on transplant waiting list However as compared to other countries Australia has shown the best data

While the UK has 65 of people on transplant waiting list France has 49 and the United States sees 33 of patients Australia realizes merely 18 of them But the variation within states said he is due to the vagueness of the currently prevailing national transplant waiting list guidelines

As per the guidelines a person should have at least 80 chances to survive for minimum five years after a transplant is considered But the same needs to be reviewed said Mr Pussell in order to ensure that the system is correct in terms of considering people for waiting list

quotSurely as a nation we should have some common approach so were treated fairly no matter where we livequot he added

Date : 15 Apr, 2012
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