Equal Rights to Women

The constitution of India guarantees equality of opportunity and status to women and men It directs that women shall not only have equal rights and privileges but also directs that the state shall make provisions for the welfare of women In spite of the fact that women in India who constitute nearly half the population are still subjected to various disadvantages and inequalities It may be noted that their participation in economic development has come into focus only during recent years Improvement in the status of women can be ensured only through full integration and participation in the task of national development
Advancement of women assumes importance for sustainable human development The female gap in human resources development poses an important challenge that offers an opportunity to accelerate economic and social progress by investing in women New opportunities have today come up for qualified women All said and done discrimination still exists in the organizational structures
Today girls are vying with boys in universities for higher education However there is a dearth of qualified faculty members among women
National Science Foundation data reveals that women account for about 28 per cent of all fulltime science and engineering faculty positions nationwide
Women are not meant for doing household chores alone Women should be enabled to participate in the developmental process of the country Social awareness need to be created for women to take up responsible positions in various walks of life
Women should also be enabled to actively participate in politics All barriers hindering womens participation in public life should be removed
Women should also be appointed in key positions of Government of India particularly in drafting economic policies and decision making processes This will motivate women to take up positions of responsibility in business and industry
The Government should improve the sanitary aspects especially affecting women They should have access to the services of alternative therapies in medicine for some of their ailments
Women by nature are hard working sincere and dedicated Obviously women are preferred for certain jobs because of the commitment and loyalty that they exhibit Companies across the country should open their doors to women in large number so that we could prove to the world that India is a country where opportunities are provided equally between men and women and no discrimination whatsoever is made on gender basis

Date : 26 Dec, 2007
Reference : www.kghospital.com

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